Read And Know God?

5:19:00 PMKrishna Rao

I always read some spiritual stuff and dwell on it in my mind, is this the way to know you God? 

Ahem! If anyone can understand me simply by reading about me, then why are you asking me? You know me, don't you? 

No. I need to understand whether what I read about you and then having contemplated on it, whatever conclusions I drew are right or wrong? 

First let me tell you what is your truth by examples, then we can decipher the same by the same process. 

You always confuse me first. Ok, let me hear you out then. 

Tell me do you love your wife? Does she love you in the same way? 

Yes, of course! What a silly question to ask? We both do. She is sitting right here in front of me. She will vouch for that. 

Ha ha. You are just lying through your teeth. You both put up a fantastic show of love for each other. Given a chance you would like to throttle each other's throats! Right? 

I can't answer that. Every human being fights. So what is the big deal in that? I don't like her sometimes and maybe she too doesn't like me. But where does it affect the truth. We both love each other. Period. 

Let me tell you that your truth is meant for the sake of convenience only. Your kids, parents, world, customs and society rule your decision. 

But God, aren't you going away from the topic about explaining what I asked you? 

No. I was just trying to tell you that we tend to believe some stuff only due to compulsions. 

What compulsions? I love my wife, period! 

No way. If you truly seek the truth, then you will understand that there is no true love between you'll. She has to agree to love you only because of certain higher demands like children's future, pressures of society, etc.. 

I think that is the sovereign truth. I would have given up on her had it not been for my kids future and my old parents health. 

See, now you agree. Likewise, my son, truth is distorted and never understood by puny human beings. Hence I need to incarnate myself as the Guru. So that I can guide you. 

But isn't it dangerous to know the truth then? 

Yes. It is very dangerous to tell or know the truth. You cannot become a hypocrite on one side or a liar on the other. 

So then what am I supposed to do? Accept a Guru or just drift reading some books? Anyway, right interpretation of all texts can only give me true knowledge! 

Only scriptural knowledge and not the truth. Truth needs to be personally experienced. Books can only act partially. 

How's that? Cannot books give me full knowledge just as it gives a self taught person knowledge about the subject? 

If you read that durian is the smelliest fruits in the whole world in some book, you cannot understand it. Unless and until you actually see and smell a real fruit. Got it! 

Yes. But that is a real object. Durian exists as a fruit and humans can see and taste it. But God, you cannot be seen or understood since no one has seen or experienced you actually! 

No! That's not true. The sages and saints have seen and experienced me! Hence I ask you to follow them. Look at Mother Theresa or St. Thomas! Look at St. Peter! They all saw and experienced God! 

I will agree to that. These are saintly people. But how do we know the truth about their experiences? 

Then it is about faith. You should have absolute faith in these people then alone will the truth stand exposed. 

Ah! Now I get it. Only faith in the sages will make the truth stand bright. So, I gotta believe first in these representatives of yours who are a gateway to you! 

Correct. Now do that and you will surely know God! 

That means I first need to find this Guru and soon I will know the truth about God. 

Ha, ha! No! The Guru will find you and will teach you about the truth. You have to be first eligible for meeting him and then me! 

Conditions! You will have some or the other conditions before every want of mine! Can you not just give me what I want easily? 

Of course! There are terms and conditions to be fulfilled to meet your Guru. So follow them. 

I always thought you are the most difficult one to know and now I have one more to contend with. Grrrrr!!! 


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