Climate Change

2:23:00 AMKrishna Rao

God, I want to know about climate change. Will you tell me about it? 

Sure, I will tell you about it. So what would you like to know?

I want to know if the world is going to come to an end because of the climate change? 

Yes and no! Which answer would you like to know? 

That's very confusing. Can you not answer it in yes or no! Not both! 

But the answer is all about the change. So you have to decide which one you want to know about? 

Ok! Tell me about the yes! 

Sure. Every human being and sentient creatures know that they are responsible for the climate change. Are you aware of that? 

Yes. I agree with you. I know I am responsible for this by breathing in and out. Adding to the plastic, dirt, pollution and so on. 

Good! I am glad you acknowledged that. You are responsible for how you use my beautiful earth and its resources. 

But humans don't care about it so much. Some people believe that you will rectify everything and then the earth will be again like Eden. 

No way. They know that they have to take up their responsibility and work towards less pollution and population too. Every person on earth should feel that they are my tenants here and cannot treat the world as their property. 

Which is true. Since we are hardly going to be around for a few scores of years. After we die we loose all knowledge and possessiveness about our properties! So the earth is not my property. I am only a tenant. 

Great! Now when you stay in a rented place, isn't it your responsibility to take care and use the stuff provided by the provider properly? 

Yes. We cannot damage or destroy anything at all. Otherwise, we have to pay for the damages. 

Correct! So human beings have to use the resources very judiciously and never waste them or misuse them. 

The earth is getting warmer and the ice caps are melting. Also the hole in that atmosphere is getting bigger. We are very concerned. 

I too am concerned. You have understood the meaning of the caution sounded out by people like Bill Nye and others. So take care. 

So what should we do now! 

Become responsible. Save resources which are scarce. Use them judiciously. Don't cut the forests. Don't burn the forests down. Use less plastic. 

Yes. Use biodegradable material, stop polluting the atmosphere. 

See, you too know it by heart. Yet, you use stuff that is dangerous. You travel by car all the time. You don't use environmentally friendly modes of transport. You use too much of paper. You don't recycle stuff. 

I will do it seriously. Now tell me about the "no," part! 

I will be trying out my stuff to ensure that you don't come to any harm. You may ask what it is? 

Yes. I was going to ask you that. What is it that I can't be responsible for and that you will take care of it. 

The weather for one. The sun and the moon. The nature and elements. They growth of scientific research and proper timely discoveries and inventions. 

You mean to say, you control all that? 

Of course! Who else do you think takes care of what needs to be invented or discovered by man? I, only God can do that! See, you don't believe that. 

Why should I believe that? If the weather changes, we all know harmful rays from space will destroy us. We know polluting our waters and air will cause disasters so we all are trying hard using our brains to solve these issues. 

You are arrogant human being. Sometimes I wish I hadn't made you. But now I have to listen to your stupidity. Anyway, think whatever you want to. 

So you want to threaten us now? You only can smote Fire and brimstones on us mortals. Why are you not loving? 

I am a very loving God. I will save you even if you don't believe in me. I will use my divine nature and save the earth. But I won't tell you when or how. You find it out yourself. 

I knew it all along. You are of no help to anyone. Don't be so mean. 

I can only smile at your follies and hope that some day you will learn. You will acknowledge God one day and know that this fragile earth is beyond your control. Only I can do what got to be done. 

Sure, you do your stuff and let me do mine. I guess the only good thing that came out of this discussion is to reiterate my commitment towards climate change and be responsible. 

Good for you. Keep up that good work man and stop polluting. 


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