Always Right

8:22:00 PMKrishna Rao

Why do human beings think that they are always right? 

You mean they believe that they are perfect and that others are imperfect? 

You know God, my wife always thinks she know everything better than anyone else. 

Yes. I have seen her watch the television and criticize every character in the soap. It's really very funny to watch her. 

You will surely enjoy that God. After all, you don't have to face her anytime. I have to live with her. It's not very easy being her husband. 

I pity you dude. But what can I do to help you? You know both of you'll asked for each other before you'll met in this life. So it's not my fault. 

I wasn't thinking God. You shouldn't have granted me that wish of mine. 

That's stupid. You vehemently asked or rather demanded her to be your wife  and now you regret it? 

But you never give us the vision about our future otherwise I wouldn't have asked for such foolish stuff. Now what can I do to change the situation? 

Why are you asking me such silly stuff? You have your advisors and lawyers to tell you what to do! Or the psychiatrists! You decide between them. 

You are joking with me. You are the one who decides what happens with our lives. Why do I need to go to some shrinks? 

You won't believe in me at all. So you should go to someone whom you will pay through your nose then you will believe them. Your money decides who is true. The psych or me!

I give a lot of money in the temple and church. Why do you think I don't give you any? I have my monthly spend on charity. I also do CSR services in my company. That accounts for my 20 hours per quarter of allotted charitable work. 

So you think you are buying quality time in heaven with your CSR and other charitable activities? 

Isn't that how it works? I do good here and you send me to heaven to enjoy with the angels and beautiful people. 

Don't get conned by all that, human. I don't give heavens only because you do CSR or some such crappy stuff. My judges assess what you bring to the table. It's an overall good score that gives you enjoyment or bad score, the punishment.  

You mean it is like a carry forward thing. You assess my present as well as my past to arrive at your enjoyment ratio or torture ratio! Wow! You must be really enjoying this thing, God! 

Why do I need to enjoy or feel bad about it? I don't have any such needs since I am full of equanimity. But man is full of activity and anxiety. He is never happy in whatever he gets. 

Then who manages all these torture chambers? 

The universe has its folks to do that. I am least concerned in all processes and procedures. Except during emergencies do I intervene but those are a rare phenomenon. 

That would be like our national constitution, which gets written down and the rule follows. Any disputes are settled in the courts. 

Good, you are intelligent and you understand my laws. They were written at the beginning of time. Which means before anything began. 

Does it mean there was a beginning and there will be an end? 

Surely, there are many beginnings and many ends in creation. It is an on going cycle. Sometimes the universe is manifest and at other times it is unmanifest. Most people have no idea what unmanifest means in reality. 

That's odd. How would anyone know what is not there? It is like FSM or pink unicorn! 

Ha ha! That's a good one. Anyway, now you go back to your wife and stop thinking about my stuff. She has too many issues for you to solve. Go, get that tiger! 

OMG! I was so lost in your world that now to go back to mine is like going to a torture chamber. Thanks, God! 


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