Why Give Birth?

5:41:00 PMKrishna Rao

Why give birth? When you cannot manage even a single individual, why give birth to some more? OMG! I don't understand this masochistic behavior!

What are you talking about? Can you tell me what is eating you up? 

There is this lady that I know, who already had a bad marriage and two kids from that one, goes ahead and births another one with the second hubby. Now she has so many issues that she cannot undo what she has done. 

Oh, I understand where you are coming from. But why are you so much concerned with her state? 

I was wondering why she left her great job and I realized how terrible a condition she is in right now. She had no choice but to let go of her job. 

I guess she wanted to take some time off since she was having the kid. Everyone needs to take maternity leave, isn't it? 

I wasn't talking about her maternity leave, God! I was saying that she is feeling the burden of having that kid and now she is not able to cope up with it. She is regretting her decision of having a baby. 

Oh, that way! I know everyone is ecstatic when they want to have babies but the moment they have they feel burdened down. Most of the people regret their decisions of having one. It's but natural. 

Why should man first ask for somethings which he knows are going to become cumbersome and ungainly? 

That is the way of the world. Humans feel that they can handle a responsibility before taking it up and later they aren't able to take it anymore. 

Why do we go through this kind of torture? Isn't pregnancy and childbirth painful?

It is! But the society and human nature has made it out into a ritual and acceptable behavior. 

Why is the society concerned? I can understand human nature but why is the society concerned? 

The society considers it as a stigma and looks down upon those who can't have children or those who exercise restraint. Some people bar all kinds of restraints too. 

Coming back to this woman, she is so much burdened and exhausted with the ordeal she has to go through every single day, she is unable to see any future ahead of her life. 

Don't worry for her. She has a bright future ahead of her and she will be able to overcome her current problems soon enough. 

Isn't she loosing working days because she is not back to work? 

No. She needn't be overly concerned with her leave of absence. She is anyway going to quit her job and work from home. 

You are telling me her story which she herself might not know. But what about those millions out there? Can't they say "no" for once to not having kids? 

That is not in their hands. No one has a choice since everyone is under the sway of destiny. 

So does it mean we should give up and forget about our happinesses? 

Not at all. There are choices but hardly anyone knows about them. Either you follow the crowd and become scapegoat of destiny or learn to overcome that. Spiritual teaches one about how to overcome destiny. 

You mean to say it is coded knowledge and there is someone who can decode it for us? 

Yes! There are talented people born here to teach you how to crack the code. These are called sages or saints. 

I don't believe in these people. How to know them, whether they are real or fake? 

We will see that next time. Just now let me tell you about your current issue, right? 

But don't you forget to tell me that. Now you tell me why these people fall for the things they cannot manage! 

Every human being is having a huge potential to do anything in this world. He has been given all the necessary tools to do his job. 

Where are these tools? Do I also have them? 

Yes. You too have them. The ability to perform all kinds of tasks. I have provided you'll with a brilliant mind and body with astounding intellect with which you can change the world. 

That's true. We all have brilliant minds but hardly anyone uses it. I wish man uses his full potential and realizes his vision and dream. 

That's the catch. Man doesn't want to progress and go forward. He comes up with stupid reasoning. If only man would do what I have programmed them to do, the world would be a beautiful place to live. 

But man thinks only about himself greedily. He wants more and more of everything, forgetting his true purpose. Wanting happiness in marriage or kids, earning more and wanting everything around him. 

You said it man! If only man could understand why he is here, then he will stop being so egocentric. If he does his duties then he won't be under the power of karma. Karma will do its job but man will be able to sail through it smoothly and do his duties. This avoids further entrapment in the cycles of destiny. 

I pray that man uses his full potential and doesn't fall into the traps of karma. I now understand why you say man has the ability to change destiny if only he works for himself sincerely. 

You got it. So use your brilliant mind to take rightful decisions and save yourself pain and sufferings. 


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