Ramayana Is Real

4:28:00 AMKrishna Rao

Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bible is real and full of truth. You only need someone knowledgeable to tell you what they mean. That knower of truth is the Master or Guru. 
When someone asked me whether Ramayana and Mahabharata are true or are they just mythological stories, the answer is they are true. So what makes a person think that these are just some myth or tales written by some smart people called sages? Likewise, there are people who do not believe that there was a savior called Jesus Christ. They question the authenticity of the Bible too. 
Let me categorically answer these questions which raise doubts in your minds, that all of the above is absolutely true. 
When you logically start dissecting these beautiful books or stories of our divine beings, there will appear lots of doubts and discrepancies. Mind will tell you that these strange beings couldn't exist, the miracles couldn't happen or there couldn't have been such kinds of strange circumstances. Flying beings, strange creatures, aero planes, raising the dead, unexplainable phenomenons and so on. No archeological proofs is available to prove the genuineness of the above stories. So what makes them real and such miraculous instances happening, could it be true? 
There are multiple aspects to these stories which I shall explain. One is the physical aspect, which means the stories are called Leelas also and they are enacted on planet earth. They could be construed as happening on earth. Then there are two more dimensions on which they happen. The bigger aspect is called Macrocosm and the minor is Microcosm. In the Macrocosm, the stories are enacted on an outer spiritual dimension or plane, far beyond our ken and understanding. But we can understand the Microcosm, which is well within our own being. This microcosmic world is called inner spiritual or adhyatmic world. The method of understanding these world is different. Now you will want to know what I mean about all this. So let me explain by an example. 
Let us say, someone is enacting the role of Abraham Lincoln in a play and in a film. Now hasn't that happened in real life sometime ago? Here we consider three different scenarios of enactment. One is in real life on earth, second is dynamic play in a theatre of the same Lincoln, third is a film which cannot be modified but can be watched. 
So these mythological stories were enacted out in real life years ago. Today we can enact them on stage and also a film. The above paragraph was only for illustration purpose. So when Krsna or Jesus came on earth and enacted a role, the same happened in their unmanifest Heaven. The same happens time and again in our own being. The human body is a replica of everything in the universe. When it is mentioned that the kingdom of heaven is within us, these divine plays are always enacting within our being. 
Returning back to our mythological stories once again, let me reiterate that these actually happened and will continue to happen. But if the main protagonist come on earth, they will be under the aegis of human laws which govern every born human being. 
Characters like Noah, Adam, Moses, Hanumana, Ravana, etc., who have superhuman powers also existed. But we discount them since we do not visualize them with superhuman strengths or powers. But if we consider them to be far more advanced beings than our own mind could fathom, then we can have them perform mundane tasks with ease. Even if we consider the story teller to exaggerate the powers, the crux of the matter is that the main story cannot be overlooked. Supernatural powers are not difficult to attain. By rigorously following the methods adopted in yogic discipline one can achieve such powers. The yogis talk of flying or some such extraordinary feats, which can be easily performed by humans too. Producing stuff from thin air or creating a storm or lightning too is possible. If you think it is impossible then it's your problem. Since you live in an advanced era, you believe there is wifi or teleportation is possible but the same you can't believe in our mythological stories? Sad! Start believing and stop being a skeptic. 
Now coming back to Adhyatmic stuff in our inner being or in microcosm. Every story is about us humans. Look at Rama or Krsna. They are the soul or God within us. Sita or Arjuna and other such characters are our body and senses. Look at the names used by the story writers. Dashrath means ten chariots, which stand for five organs of action and five senses. Hanumana is son of Vayu or wind God. Translate it into air and breath. So Hanumana would be pranayama or life breath. Likewise, all Gods mentioned in stories are in reality potencies associated with us. Like Indra could be our mind and Indriyas means senses. Isn't it so? 
So putting it to rest whether the stories are true or not question, I definitely infer that every word is true in our mythological books or stories. You surely need someone to decipher the truth in them. That someone is called the Master or the Guru. He removes the darkness of ignorance from your eyes and mind. 
The Guru is the true pathway to God. He will teach you the truth about everything when you are full of faith and devotion to him. So be dedicated to your Guru and ask him questions reverently and you will get to the truth.  Your faith in Rama, Krsna and Jesus will become firm. You will believe in Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Bible too. 


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