Solution For Rape?

7:49:00 PMKrishna Rao

There has to be a solution for rape! God, why do people's go Scot free? 

Who told you that man? Now what have you come here for? 

God, why doesn't man have the same kind of faith in you once he has other jobs to do? 

That's right. Man doesn't have the same faith or trust in me once he moves around in the material world. 

So will you please tell me why that happens? I am also not much inclined to trust you or believe in you today. 

I am sure you have your reasons for that. But let me answer your question first. 

I feel terribly disillusioned by what is happening around me and I cannot see you helping over there one bit. 

First and foremost man is extremely frivolous creature. He loves to change everything around him which includes his car, house, spouse and job. 

What about you, God? He doesn't seem to believe in you once you have fulfilled his wishes. 

You said it. Man forgets what I have given him and cribs about not getting the next thing that he fervently desires. 

But that is the case with all the creatures except dogs, elephants, etc.. 

Memory and mind are two things which fail humans. They forget the good done to them and their mind is very flimsy. They hardly can stick to someone or something permanently. 

But you too ditch them when they are desperately seeking you. Look at those refugee women being raped and country pillaged and plundered. Where are you there then? 

Of course it all happens within the purview of their karma and not because I want to hurt them. I am not responsible for their karma. They themselves are. 

That's very heartless to say. You see the women getting raped and innocent men getting killed and yet you don't want to do anything at all. 

You have been told before that I don't do anything at all. The Mother Nature has absolute control over everything and She has Her laws and rule book. 

Aren't you Mother Nature too? You can't deny that. 

No. I am not Mother Nature but I am the sole in-charge of the entire creation. 

Aha, Then you acknowledge that you are the creator! You automatically become responsible for whatever happens in your creation then. 

Not at all. Do you think your country's President is responsible for your chocked drain or potholes on roads? Do you think the shootings that happen around or floods are his responsibility? It's different when he says that indirectly he is responsible for everything that happens in his country. 

Got that. So then why doesn't Mother Nature do something about it? About rapes and wars, I mean! 

She could but she is not permitted to do. Let me give you one example here. You have heard about the war in Middle East. Can you trace it back to when it started? 

Yes. I think it has everything to do with the oil crisis in 70's. Am I right? 

No. It has nothing to do with that. It began eons ago. Even before they discovered oil. If you trace it backwards then whom can you blame? 

I guess I will have to agree to it. No one can actually pinpoint the exact beginning of anything at all. Everything can be traced back to ancestry. 

Now whom can you hold responsible. Now if that is the case, can you say the carrot and stick method is also an ongoing process? 

I think so. The punishment may not be enough and neither the lesson. Man never learns from his mistakes I guess. 

True. Even though he has been raped before, he loves to do the same in all his lives. He believes that he has to get even. Same way, Mother Nature also has to do the same. 

I have seen it happen. Look at the global warming. It is the direct result of the misuse of things on our planet earth. 

Now you will understand that it is not a one day process or a single stroke. It takes time to unfold and unravel. Meanwhile another misdemeanor will happen simultaneously. 

True. Sometimes some issues are political and then there is a mixture of racism or religion. No one can say where one ended and other started. 

Now you are able to see how I never interfere in the working of my universe! 

But why can you not save the innocent? They are getting slaughtered and butchered by bad people. 

Again let me reiterate that they are under the jurisdiction of Mother Nature and not me. If someone has committed a murder and has to go to jail for 15 years, shouldn't he be put in that? Shouldn't the man get his due? Why would you suggest nature to rescind the penalty? 

But still are these punishments not very harsh? Shouldn't you commute them once man learns? 

Man never learns. He follows his own ego and mind. He says he is the decision maker. What does the rape victim think? Doesn't she need justice? Do you think she would want leniency or rape of justice? 

No way. So I guess, they all have to fulfill their terms and serve their goals. No one can be allowed out of turn pardons or paroles? 

Sure! I have certain criterion for that too. Reaching the state of liberation or emancipation makes one an exception to all rules and regulations. 

You mean to say the liberated or emancipated can rape someone and still not be entitled for punishments? That's a bummer. 

Ha ha! Not at all. The liberated don't have desires, wants, needs, urges, destinations, etc.. 

You mean to say they are like vegetables or completely senseless? 

No! I don't mean that. They can see with their senses, think with their minds, commit all the material worldly acts and yet are desire less. They are like water on a lily leaf. It doesn't stick. Or like your nonstick cookware. The food gets cooked but it doesn't touch the nonstick vessel. Got it? 

Nah! I think I don't get it. Why wouldn't these people not be held responsible for their crimes? 

If you commit murder in deep sleep or if an autistic child mauls a puppy, can we say they are responsible? 

No. I wouldn't even know if I am in deep sleep about my activities. So also that child. 

So these realized beings are like that. Nothing touches them since they are always lost in God. Their minds and bodies are in sleep mode. Got it? 

Yes. I understand. There are no solutions for conflicts, rapes, murders, wars, global warming or even a simple robbery. It will always have long term impact on humans. Repercussions after repercussions will follow and there will be no end to it. 

Unless one believes that they have to look at emancipation or liberation or self realization. 


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