Leave Everything

7:00:00 PMKrishna Rao

God, I just want to leave everything and go to the mountains or some faraway place. 

So you are tired of life or are you under too much pressure at work or home? 

Why does it always have to be that? Can I not for once say that I want to get away from this world? 

No. People always have an escapist attitude towards life. They want to run away from someone or something. 

But I truly want to get away because I am fully fed up of life. This everyday activities and work is driving me insane. 

That's exactly what I meant. Escapism! Every human being thinks that they can runaway to some jungle or get into spiritual by forgetting their problems. 

Isn't that what spiritual is all about? Everyone blames God for everything in their life. They say God gives us this or that and even the leaves move by God's will alone. 

Which is a fact. Everything moves by my will alone. But to say that I am responsible for their problems is wrong. They are themselves responsible for their own issues. That's the law of karma. 

But right now I am not bothered about others. Right now I want to come and stay with you and be free. I want to do what I truly want to do. 

So what is it that you want to do? Something extraordinary or is it the same stuff you do otherwise?

Laze around, sing, dance, play, be happy, make merry, wear good clothes, roam the world, see the universe, not think about problems, have enough money, no diseases, no pressures of any kind. Get the gist of it, God? 

Ah! You want to be the enjoyer only. Enjoying life without any worries. 

Yeah! That's right. I want to be with you and enjoy all those heavenly pleasures. I believe there are beautiful women and men in your heavens too. 

Aha! So you want to come to my heaven to enjoy lifelong pleasures. And you expect to get all that without any inputs from your side? How funny can you get? 

Why are you laughing at me? That's exactly what I want. I want to be peaceful and happy and I have been told it is only in your heavens. 

You are mistaken. I don't offer anything to anyone freely. Anyone who has said that you get everything freely is misleading you. 

So what are the criteria for eligibility to join your group, God? 

Ah! That's a long one. You will have to bear me out. Before I tell you that, do you think you are capable to do good in my world? 

I can't answer that before I see your terms and conditions. You can tell me that first. 

Here goes. You have to be truthful, clean, have a pure mind and body, charitable, kind, compassionate, helpful, respectful, contented, pray, read holy scriptures, never harm anyone......

That's cool. I am all that and more and which makes me eligible. 

Wait, there is more. You cannot have anger, greed, lust, selfishness, laziness, ego, attachment towards anyone or anything..... 

That's impossible. How will I enjoy anything at all if I cannot be selfish? I want all the goodies and be happy. 

That's what I am getting at. You expect happiness and joy in your life by expecting more and more? That's greed. You want to enjoy men and women in my heaven and that is called lust. These qualities disqualify anyone. 

You mean to say I cannot expect to get anything in your heavens? Aren't there goodies and enjoyable stuff there? 

No. Not the way you think. Enjoyment is not by getting things for yourself. You enjoy by giving others what you have. You work for me since I am your boss. Just like the sun and the moon does. They aren't using their minds and doing stuff which they want. They follow my protocols and observe all the rules and regulations. 

That's silly. How can they enjoy what they are doing then? I can't see them enjoying. They are your slaves, God! 

No. They do their job with their own free will for the good of this world. Just imagine if the sun says I will take rest today and not shine! That would be the end of the world. So all my dearest creations who wish to be with me have to follow my given rules and regulations. 

Which means I too cannot use my mind and do what I please? That's tyrannical and very confining! I don't think I want to come to you. You are not going to give me enjoyment in your heavens. 

Till you don't understand what it means to give others and work in tandem with my universe, you cannot come to my heavens. 

I am better off where I am. I am happy here itself. Let me get all my bosses bad words, my wife's taunts, my kids derision, the creditors foul language. I think I shall enjoy all that. 

Now I hope you understand that happiness is not in being selfish. Your eligibility into my heavens cannot be got just like that. You have to work for that. 

It's not easy to get to your heavens. Anyway I don't care for that. Let me enjoy my stay on earth. I love being selfish and self centered. I care about myself only. I hate all those who have everything. Maybe I should work hard and make myself successful here on earth. 

Yes. Work hard and enjoy your worldly pleasures. That's where you belong. My heavens are only for those compassionate and kindly creatures who fill out all my criteria. 

Thanks for telling me that. I don't want your heavens or peace or whatever that you offer. Let me be in my own place. Bfn. 


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