Wrong Spiritual Texts

5:07:00 AMKrishna Rao

Why does man see somethings wrong in all spiritual texts? Can you tell me, God? 

That's very easy to know. Humans believe these spiritual texts are written by humans as concocted stories. 

Just like fairy tales, you mean? I guess there is so much in them that it sounds improbable. 

Why do you discount the fact that I am God and I can do anything at all? Do you doubt in my capabilities? 

I don't doubt but these people think that everything is exaggerated and unreal. Why not show them the truth?

How can I show the truth if they cannot believe in me? Can you believe in ghosts if you are blind? You can't even see humans, leave alone ghosts. 

I feel you should do something about it. Maybe prove to these non-believers that you exist. 

There are those who believe in me so I don't need to prove anything at all. I am not human you know and I cannot be seen. But those who truly have faith in me can see me. 

That's weird. I think no one can see you since you are not even manifest to humans. There has to be some way out of this. 

Why are you so much interested in having these folks believing me? Let it be. Just focus on yourself. You should trust me hundred percent. 

My question to you is how come these people who wrote the so called holy books know exactly what you said? How could they write without imagining stuff? 

I know where you are coming from. The Vedas got written millions of years later, the Bible got written 150-175 years after Jesus died, Vyas wrote the Bhagvatam and Gita and so how could these people know what I said, right? 

You nailed it God. I was wondering about it myself. No one can remember what someone has said one day before, so what about stuff which got written many years later? 

Most of the holy texts are from dreams or visions that the people had. Now when you talk of dreams and visions, they are not from your worldly domain. It's like a signal from outer space. 

You mean like the radio telescopes and other instruments peering into outer space getting a signal from some weird locations? Are these signals real? I mean the visions or dreams we get? 

Haven't you noticed the dreams and visions tell you something and it happens to you. Don't you say I got a premonition or a vision about the future? 

Yes, it happens to almost everyone. Sometimes they are very weird. Nothing makes logical sense and yet at other times we feel that the dreams are conveying some message. 

The dreams are another form of communication and so also visions and thoughts. Do you know where thoughts emanate? 

No. I don't know. But we all think it is the mind. Maybe the brain or some other place, only you can tell. 

The untainted thoughts or non motivated thoughts come from another domain. You can call it the divine world. They come from me. Some people don't believe in that. 

I too wouldn't believe in that. I think so I am. Thinkers wouldn't say that there is some other worldly place it comes from. We believe that we can think and we don't think we need some magical being for that. 

The first untainted thought comes from me. The after thoughts are of your own making. Every second thought after the first is your mind talking and it is unreal or it is worldly. 

Oh, now I get it. You are telling me that since these writers and sages were given your first thought and they never considered it as their own, hence these stories penned by them are from your domain. 

You got it right. The sages and holy writers were used by me to convey my stories and teachings though untainted thoughts. 

Now it's clear. But tell me something God! How can we know that someone is telling the truth or is faking it? There could be false prophets also. 

There will be those who proclaim that they have been given godly vision and their books are God's word. But know that these deceptive beings will fall off. I will ensure that they won't be able to last for a long time. 

But why go through such lengths? Can't you as God eliminate them right in the beginning? Only give your teachings and eliminate the rest of them. 

Ha, ha! Everyone is driven by their karma and it's their job to do that. They will be bound by destiny to create wrong impressions and false beliefs here on earth. 

But why would you do that for? I don't get it. 

You can only appreciate white against black, truth against falsehood or good against evil. 

That's why you get these evil doers to write the wrong stuff. Now I get it. Till there aren't any non-believers, the believers in you aren't qualified. Good gracious, it's theory of relativity! 

That's me again. Who do you think gave this world the theory of relativity? Or the knowledge to Charles Darwin? 

You must be joking. Do you mean to say you gave the theory of evolution to him? Let me write to Dawkins about it and he will surely flip! 


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