In Pursuit Of Happiness

9:14:00 PMKrishna Rao

Why do we all run in pursuit of happiness? Does anyone actually get it, God? 

It's true that everyone and everything is constantly running after happiness. That might be material worlds highest aspirations. 

I have never seen anyone get to it and stay with it. It's so temporary. 

Material worldly happiness is always temporary. There is no permanence in it. 

Why is it so? I fail to understand that. 

That happiness is just as illusory as the faith in me of humans. 

Why do you say that, God? I have complete faith in you. I pray to you regularly. 

You pray to me for ulterior reasons. You always want something or the other. Your prayers are selfish. 

Then whom can we look up to, dear God? You are the Father we look up to and expect that you fulfill our wishes. 

Have I not given you'll the tools to work hard for anything? You have hands, legs, brains, excellent minds and body. 
I have provided you with everything to achieve whatever you wish for. 

We have faith in you that's why we come to ask you. That's right, we all have good bodies and mind but we hardly use them. 

The laziness and inertia is the root cause of your failures. Disciplined approach towards any problem can get you good solutions. 

I agree with you but then if you give things on a platter, wouldn't we use that option of begging from you?  

When you get stuff by begging, you are not fulfilling your life goals. You are born on this planet to serve a purpose. But when man shies away from his duties and behaves like a beggar, I feel ashamed at my creations. 

Then what is the solution besides working hard and smart? Are there any alternatives? 

You asked me about happiness first so let me tell you that happiness can only be found by not being a beggar. 

You mean we shouldn't ask you for anything at all? 

No, you can ask me for satisfaction in what you already have. Remember every want of yours will make you struggle more for it. Either by working for it or begging for it. That leads you to further karma. 

So doing things without any demands would amount to your karma free life? 

Man should perform his duties with the focus on performance alone. He can aspire for good results but they will never be in his hands. Then the only means is to focus on duties alone without expectations on fruit. 

Yes, I read about it in the Bhagvad Gita, where Krsna says that to Arjuna. But it's very tough to do that. We, humans are always focused on results.

That's the issue. When you focus on results which are never in your hands, you are going to be disappointed. Hence don't have any expectations. 

You are telling me that we have to work like machines only. Then what about our families or future? 

You know that no one has any control over anything at all. So why are you bothered about somethings which you cannot control? Your families or friends are under my universe's care. Got it? 

No. Then what about their future? I have to earn for my family. 

If you say so. You are free to take care of them. If your ego says that you take the responsibility, then it's your problem. Not mine. Why should I bother about people whom you bother about? You are capable after all. 

No, God, you take care of all of us. So I should stop thinking that I do. So what about happiness, then? 

Happiness can never be got by material worldly gains or achievements. Happiness is in what you have and being satisfied with life. Not running after things and especially desiring stuff which you may hardly get. 

Which means I shouldn't have goals and aspirations? That's silly. I want to be someone great and want my family members also to be that. 

My rule is very simple. Know that anything that comes to you on its own is without any additional karma. It's destined by your current karma. But anything that you do assuming it's yours and thinking about it while you perform the actions accrues newer karma. 

That's very tough to understand. What do you mean by all that? 

Simply put it says look in your own plate and do your job diligently. Don't have excessive desires or they will cause you unhappinesses. Focus on yourself and be the best tool. Don't crave for stuff. Got it? 

Sure. I won't demand for stuff and want things which can cause me unhappiness. 

Good man! Now go about your stuff and have a great life. 

One small thing, God! Can I win this Powerball lottery? You know it's a very big prize this time. All my problems will be over then. I am asking you for one last time. Give me that much happiness. 

Oh Man! You will never change! You are just like the proverbial dogs tail! Sigh! 



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