Loosing Jobs To Foreign Workers

8:02:00 PMKrishna Rao

God, why are we loosing jobs to some foreign workers? It's unfair. 

Greed is the cause of all the problems in the world. Voracious greed! 

The poor employee cannot be blamed for that greed. Why should he suffer? 

Let us put it this way. The greed goes right up the alley. From the company shareholders to the employee the greed shows up. 

How can the common man be responsible for the greed? He hardly contributes to it. 

No way. Look at the lifestyle of the same person before he lost his job. He is pushed by the society to enjoy his life. 

What enjoyment are you talking about, God? This is terrible. I refuse to accept. 

Aren't you so much accustomed to first quality goods and luxurious stuff? You want to have the best and you have to pay for it. 

Not any more. We get the same stuff the whole world gets. Earlier the Chinese got the short stick but now they get the best quality goods also. 

No way. To match the whole worlds standard some things have to come down and some have to move up the scale. That gives parity in price. 

But what are you leading me to, dear God? 

If the whole world pays the same or similar price for the items, why should the others get lower salaries than you'll? Do you understand that? 

That means either the Western nation employee has to get lesser salaries or the Eastern nation employee has to get higher! The preference will be to lower the costs. 

See, now you get it. To have parity all over the world, since there aren't any boundaries any more after the Internet boom, the prices and salaries have to be equalized. 

But the cost of education is so high in our country. That needs to come down. Look at the fees our students pay to get in the top notch universities! 

The greed of the educators and universities should be removed. Education should be free. The same level should be there now. 

I know, I know! Like you said, God, the greed is the root cause of the problem. But how do we solve the current issue? 

Man has to look around and he will soon realize that his money can buy him luxury in other places. He has to move. 

Wow! I never thought like that! Of course, our currency is very strong. It can buy tens of other currencies cheaply. But what happens to the family then? 

They have to learn to adapt to newer places soon. There are places which are very accepting and have better lifestyle. Isn't it important to explore? 

Absolutely right! I have to tell my friend to check out other nations which are people friendly and also softer on the pocket. There could also be another solution, I think. 

Ah! See, now when you open your mind to possibilities there will be sunshine in your world. 

The individual can go back to his roots. Become a farmer or move to the countryside. Life will be much better. Thank you God for giving me such a valuable insight. 


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