Miracle And Self Help

5:09:00 AMKrishna Rao

What is the difference between a miracle and self help, God, can you explain? 

Everything that you do in your world which you perform by coercion or force  and naturally is termed done by your own self. 

What exactly do you mean? I couldn't understand that. 

Ah! If your mother forces you to eat cereals and threatens you that if you don't eat you will get grounded. Then that's called coercion or by force. 

Yes. I get that. Now what does naturally mean? 

In the normal course of life, you go to a burger place and eat a burger, it is natural since you won't get a pizza there to order. 

Ah! Then where are we talking about help or miracle? 

I was clearing a concept to you first. Now that you understand how self help is. You doing certain things by your own self, either by force or naturally. 

Sure. Now tell me further. 

Assume a wife comes to church and asks God for a child. Everyone comes and asks me for things, you know. 

Yes. I also asked you a question and you are answering me. 

That's different since you are seeking spiritual knowledge here. Anyway, she gets pregnant and delivers a child. 

So she went home and made love to her husband, then. 

That's right. She has physical relationships with her husband and subsequently gets pregnant. 

That was bound to happen if you are fertile. 

Not necessarily since her life never had the occasion to have a birth. It wasn't destined. Got it? 

So she got pregnant even though she wasn't destined. 

Right! Though all circumstances are in her favor, yet destiny was eluding her. Now with my grace she got a baby. 

Her husband may not believe in you. Then what happens? 

That's the crux of the matter. She has faith and attributes the birth to me but her husband may say it had to happen any which way. This I would term as self help. I use the people to do my work in this world. 

Wow! Some believers attribute it to you and some say it was anyway bound to happen. For those non-believers it's happenstance! 

Now for miracles. The same woman may have no chance of having a baby since she is beyond her menopause age. Yet again, she conceived. How would you say that? 

How could that happen? If there is a zero chance of conception and yet she gets pregnant then I would term it miraculous birth. 

That's correct. Miracles happen even without any physical intervention by humans. Here the individual has no choice but to call it a miracle. 

Got it. Can you give me another example of that? Just for my reference. 

Ok. Your cousins 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. They ran a number of tests on her and the diagnostic center said its really bad. Then what happened? 

Oh, I remember her story. She went to the doctor and when he looked at the second opinion, it wasn't like that at all. She didn't  having leukemia. 

That's right. How did her leukemia disappear suddenly? What would you call it? 

Miracle of course. There wasn't a trace of that deadly affliction. But her parents never believed. They thought the diagnostic center made a big blunder. They blamed the center for the results! 

Now you got it? Self help can lead you to karma any which way. Since the individual is doing those actions. If done by force or coercion then it is double the dose of karma. Naturally happening would account for normal type. 

Then what about the magical or miraculous one? 

That is out of extraordinary so no karma accrues to that individual. 

Ah! It's very tricky bit, I guess. You gotta favor me God! 

Ha, ha! You have great hopes. I only favor those who are dear to me! Are you dear to me? 

I am your dearest and the only one. You have to do stuff to me! Promise me, God! 


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