Money Is A Great Facilitator

8:11:00 PMKrishna Rao

One day someone told me that money is a great facilitator. You need money for practically everything, she said. Whether you want to set up a house or a store, business or an ashram, you will need money for whatever you do. You may say that you are a spiritualist and not want to, still you will need money to establish yourself. 
Now as destiny wont, I happened to join a company by fluke. Some of my disciples asked me to help them with their company so I did. They put me up as a Director soon enough and later as Chairman. Now I wasn't even sure what that meant but I continued. Later at the behest of some of my other devotees the company paid me some amount, which I promptly pushed forward towards some other spiritual purposes. Later I knew they weren't even able to pay me so I suggested that they could instead use the same amount for clearing some other employees salaries which they did. 
I guessed that episode ended there but the repercussions were not far in coming. Some of the disgruntled old timers went around spouting venom to my other devotees saying that I had become a material minded person who worked for salary. I wish they could see the truth. 
Anyway continuing with the story of money being the great facilitator, I agree it surely is for every material minded person but not for a true spiritual being. Spirituality teaches one to live within whatever means, with complete detachment and never bother the whys or the wherefores of how the money or food reaches you. Simply put, be happy and content in what you get naturally. Never seek out for more. More means greed. 
Greed is very easy to get to since man doesn't have a switch off button for widening his mouth. It's a sinkhole of sorts and keeps on sucking up more and more. Look at people who strip for money. They do it every time some more money is offered. 
My Guru gave us the story of Pingala, a prostitute. Listen to it here. 
Pingala used to dress gaily to entertain her customers everyday. One day she waited for a very long time. She always wanted rich men who could satisfy her lust and greed giving her more and more. But that day no one turned up. She went back inside feeling very dejected. Her expectations not being met she started to brood. She went inside and felt utter disgust for living off on such petty stuff as money and sex. Both lust and greed ties down a man in fetters of expectations. Till one does not desire to cut asunder these bonds, man can never be free. 
Those who run after money meet their nemesis through money itself. Numerous examples can be cited where the greed overtook the man and soon he was flush with money. Along with money came vices or methods of dissipating those funds. Racing, drugs, parties, fast cars, fast boats, planes, fast food or fancier foods, expensive designer clothes, luxurious travels and so on seemed to lure that same person to earn more and more. He resorted to unethical wrongful means for stoking his greed further. The company he kept also lured him to do much sinful acts. Ruin can be predicted for such a man. 
Now some people may object and say that I don't have any bad habits or frivolous ones too. I am dedicated to having a wholesome and fulfilling life. I donate to charity and perform lots of deeds which will lead me towards happiness. Of course, that person will be happy and lead a great life. Look at people like Larry Page, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata and many more who lead a great lifestyle even after earning Billions. 
Then what is it that they are after? Why are they still investing Billions into startups and markets? Are they expecting to earn more or has greed been replaced by encouraging others to become richer? Are they investing so that they can do charity? These questions cannot be answered. 
Greed can never be curbed even if you become the king of this universe. You will still want to go further and conquer more. So earning or making more money for better living will never be justified. Living within your means and not craving for more is the right approach. 
Buddha says that desire is the root cause of transmigration of life. You are born again and again because you are never satisfied with what you have. You always crave for more. Desire leads one to action and all actions driven by desire leads to karma and in turn karma leads one to rebirth.  
In conclusion, I can only say that there is no need for me to run after anything at all. If something has to come to me it will come naturally. Anything that comes naturally carries no karma. No karma means cessation of lifetimes. Life is much simpler and easier when you are satisfied with what you have. Desires leads one to ruin and I have no desires at all. Lost in myself, I am fulfilled. 


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