God, I Hate Him!

4:23:00 PMKrishna Rao

God, I hate him! He is so mean. I don't know why you favor him, God? 

I am neither favorable nor unfavorable to anyone. I don't interfere anywhere. 

You are very partial to him. Why do all good things happen to bad people? 

Why do you say that? Good things happen to everyone but good people don't see it. 

What do you mean by that? When have you favored me? 

Look at it this way. On a black background you can see a white patch but can you distinguish a white patch on white background? 

No. It is difficult. By white you mean the good folks. Right? 

Yes. In my world I don't favor anyone. I am neutral. It's the destiny that works. Not me! 

How does that happen? You mean, you don't interfere in destiny at all? 

No. I hardly interfere. You know the simple rule of destiny, don't you? 

What rule are you talking about? 

The one which says- equal and opposite reaction. When you take, the other gives. When you give the other takes. Then there is return policy.  

Yes. That one I know very well. If I give one black eye to someone, that person has to give me back some day. 

But when you give, doesn't he take it? 

You are right about it. So what are you trying to tell me? 

Let's say you call out to your enemy some bad words or some curses. What do you think he gets? 

Curses only! Right? 

No way. You are on the contrary giving him good luck. 

I still don't understand that. How will he get good luck? 

Ah! Look, when you throw ink on your friend's shirt, will my universe not give him a new shirt?

Oh, that way! I never thought like that. But his shirt will get spoilt. Anyway I have got what I wanted. 

You should know that when you tilt the scale down on one side, it goes up on the other side. 

That's unfair. How can you favor them? Why would you give these scum of the earth good tidings? 

If you destroy something even in war, the destroyer pays to resurrect the same place again. So that place rises from the ashes! 

Which is true. I have seen it happen. When we look at Vietnam or Japan, Iran or Afghanistan, Kuwait or Bangladesh, they have all risen after the war swiftly. 

When humans fight war, my universe steps in to rectify the situation. 

But my enemy is the worst person on earth so why should your universe favor him? 

Think this way. Every bad word or curse will put some additional good in their direction. Your one curse is one negative for you and one positive for him. 

But that's so stupid. I don't accept it. 

Who cares whether you accept it or not? My universe or Mother Nature has Her own set of laws. 

But this is so weird. I don't get it. 

Now turn the tables and see from your side. If your enemy curses you, would you like the curse to work against you or would you want a benefit from my Nature? 

I wouldn't want his curse to work. I would rather get some good stuff from your Nature to overcome that stupid's curse. 

See, now you get it. You don't want it to hurt you so you want protection from me. Now think about him! 

I don't want to think about that idiot. 

Again, you cursed. Again you favored him. Will you stop talking bad about him. Then it will not add anything to his credit. 

Ah. I got it. But how to stop thinking bad about him? He is making my life miserable. I hate him. I wish he rots in hell. 

See! You again cursed him. Why can you not listen to me? Stop cursing or bad mouthing. It helps the other person always. Keep quiet. It will help you not accumulate any karma. 

But that's silly. Why should I keep quiet? He should suffer miserably. 

You will never change. Guess you love to be in his shoes in your next life. You are a glutton for punishment. What you sow, you will reap. 

Life is so unfair. I hate you God. I would like to murder him..... 


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