About Flint

7:50:00 PMKrishna Rao

God, what is all this hullabaloo about Flint? My whole country has the same issue and we never bothered about it. 

All your countrymen are immune to pollution. All kinds of pollution for that matter. 

I think if we were to find one perfectly clean spot we should worry about it. 

Ha, ha! That's true. Cities, rivers, roads and every other thing is polluted and contaminated. 

Then why are these people worried and why do they fight for it? 

You too would do the same if you could get millions of dollars as compensation. But you won't get anything at all. And from whom? 

That's the truth. So many lost lives in the Bhopal Gas tragedy but what happened there? 

The easiest thing to do is to move away from that place or otherwise wait for another tranche of millions and fall sick. It requires political will to get it rectified. 

But why do these people fall sick so much? 

It's like your Delhi Belly. You are all so much used to dirty water and adulterated food that you have become immune to it. But outsiders aren't used to it. 

So what is the solution, God?

It's simple. Educate everyone about everything and ensure that there is personal hygiene followed rigorously. 

It's like the story of building bathrooms for everyone. But still the problem doesn't get sorted out. Why is that God? 

Just building potty places doesn't help. You have to train the people to use it and desist from going to their old methods of defecating on the rail tracks or the fields. First give potty training. 

Ha! These are all grownups and no one can drill stuff in their heads. 

Someone has to really go down to the village level to impart training about personal hygiene and health. 

We all follow our elders and do exactly what they do. So first we have to change our elders. But there are methods for training them. 

Have you noticed every villager now has a smart phone after they have become affordable? 

Yes. I know. All these old geezers watch films, serials and blue films on them. They also know about tablets and 3G and 4G networks. 

Yes. That too. Your concerns can be addressed by pushing such data and educational films to them through these devices. Teach them about personal hygiene and public health care also. 

Can't the people in the highly advanced country like USA do the same? Then there will be no tragedy like Flint. 

Yes. That government has too many contentious issues to handle there. Water, health care, gun control and many more. Like I said, it's the older folks or decision makers who need to be educated first. 

Then what happens to the compensations or the elections? Sigh! 


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