A Dull Boy

12:16:00 AMKrishna Rao

All indoor play makes Jack a dull boy. God, This is amazing! Today kids hardly go out to play. They only play on their personal gadgets. 

Yes. When you were young you were hardly available at home. Your mother begged of you to come in early. 

Yes, that's what I mean. For us it was difficult to stay at home and these days kids don't want to leave home. 

The newer gizmos they invent, the more cocooned they become. 

Yes. Look at how they do it. Just a few days ago, my nephew said a girls name in the air and asked her to find out something for him and there was this gadget which spoke to him and did! 

That's what Google or Amazon does. They all say Google is greater than God because Google knows everything! 

Do you feel redundant or left out, God? 

Why would I feel like that? Anyway, I am sad that human beings are no longer active the way they were before all these gadgets came into being. 

They are active in a certain way. There are easier remedies for everything. They have to pay somewhere else for every little thing that they refuse to do. Like order online. 

Yes. They will have to pay for all their laziness. Nothing is sacrosanct nowadays. 

Even the prayers are offered online. You click a few menus and they ask you what kind of prayers or offerings you want to give and you pay with your card or whatever. They will send you the offerings by courier after they are offered to that deity. 

In olden times man had to call priests at home and pay for all rituals. There was so much excitement then. Today when man pays with the click of a button, the action seems so dead. 

Anyway, what are you going to do now? Change the modes of payment or what? 

No way, man! I have already started replacing man with machines. Haven't you noticed that for every 1.1 man there is 1 woman. Soon the ratio will go up. 

But why? Girl child murders and not allowing the female fetus to survive in womb can drastically change the ratio. Why allow such devilish acts? 

The imbalance will cause the females to rise and they will be choosy. Have you seen the female bee? All the males work for her. 

Now I think I get it. You bring about redundancy of these males by deliberate action. That's creepy, God! 

This is the Kali Yuga. Kali has to rise. She will lead everyone towards dissolution. But first we have to empower her. Enough of taking it lying down for her! 

By Kali, you mean today's woman? They are already ruling the world. 

Not really. They still have a long way to go. First, they have to get to the stage that man is not needed for everything at all. They are free to do everything. No dependency! Which means I have to disable the emotional gene in them!! 

That's sneaky. Why would you want to do that? Sorry, how would you do that? 

Artificially. Haven't you seen man is so devoid of passion and has become hard hearted? The reverse engineering has started. Man will become an emotional wreck and then woman will rule. 

How's that supposed to happen? Make woman take up a dominant position? 

Check out the clubs. Today you have Wednesday girls night. Tomorrow it will be reversed. 

I don't think that would ever happen. Man has always dominated the woman and will continue to do so. 

Your wife is calling out to you dude. You have to make breakfast today and drop the kid to school and then do the groceries. Wake up now......


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