Stressed Out

12:17:00 AMKrishna Rao

How can we overcome stress, God? I am fully stressed out! 

Hmmm! Why not go and drink some booze and then call me? Maybe try out some drugs! 

Is that you, God? Or is it some drug dealer? How can you talk like that? 

Ha, ha! I was just joking. But isn't that what you human beings turn to when you are stressed? 

There are other ways too! Some play games, gamble, fights, beat someone up, waste themselves, have sex and do all sorts of obnoxious things. 

Well, those are the things man needs to avoid when he has too many troubles in life. 

Then should we try meditation or yoga? Would going to places of worship help? 

If you think those are the things that could assist you to overcome your issues, then do it. 

Aren't those connected to religion? I am not truly a follower of some beliefs. I just would like to be happy with my own belief system. 

That's the right approach. You don't need to have belief or faith in some strange God. You can place your faith in your own self. 

What do you mean by that? 

If you believe you can, you will. You have to empower yourself with firmness that you can do it and it will work. 

Ah! Does it mean that if I believe I am free from anxiety or stress, it won't trouble me? 

That's right. Man undergoes stress and anxiety because he cannot fulfill his deepest wishes. He feels he is incapable. But that's not true. 

You mean man brings up these problems on himself? Why would man want to do that? 

He is a masochistic creature given to donning his problems on himself. It's called becoming a martyr also. He wants others to feel sorry for him. Self pity is root cause of becoming a martyr. 

I guess man treats himself with that pitiable method and starts believing in things. He shows his inability to do things. 

Truly, divinity is all about being your good self and making yourself stronger. Giving empowerment to your inner being and firmly accepting that nothing is impossible in this world. 

If everyone thinks that way then there will be little problems left in this world. 

But I won't give you a straight answers since the guys who sell you services for stress busting will go out of business. 

You are very diplomatic God. I guess you have to manage your world too. If these yoga teachers or meditation experts can't make money out of people's imaginary problems, then they too will get stressed. 

I am sure by now you are feeling very light and stress free. See, I am as good as any drug or booze. 

You betcha God! I guess the next time I feel down and out I will come for free consultation. 

You are a silly man, cheapo! Go to sleep. If I get more people like you then I will have to go to my own shrink and he stresses me out more. 

What is that? You too have a shrink in heavens? How come? 

With silly people like you asking for any crap, don't you think I too get stressed? 


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