Denying God

5:25:00 PMKrishna Rao

Oh my God, why are these people denying you even though they are taught about you? 

You mean the scientists and philosophers of today? They find their God in science and logic. So why bother? 

I am bothered since they are saying you don't exist. Here I am talking to you. 

That's your active imagination and mind talking. I don't exist for those who don't believe in me. 

But they are saying that science made this world and you are just not responsible for anything at all. 

Why are you saying that they are wrong? They are right in their place and so are my believers. 

They give such reasoning that there couldn't be anyone like you! Look at what the space scientists say. They debunk the creationist theories. 

Let them be. Why are you getting irritated at them? Look at those who work in particle physics. They say that they have found a new particle now. 

Yes. I heard about that. They were able to capture images, I think. 

No. They were able to show some particle traveling in one direction and they think they have the next hypothesis ready. 

Yes. I heard they were able to come up with some fantastic theory about some great particle first and then they looked for the same and they feel the results match with their theory.

That's exactly what you do in understanding me, isn't it so? 

What do you mean? We believe in you and you are not just some theory. 

Now see what they are doing is exactly what you do. They have an idea about some particle or some stuff. Then they bombard it with some other stuff and search for the traces and find it. 

You make it sound so silly. Now that you put it that way, I feel they aren't doing much. Still they spend billions trying that out. 

No, they are working really hard trying to prove themselves. You too do the same. No one knows me and you all search for my traces in the universe. 

But we see you in the beauty of this world around us. In our families, children, flowers, fruits, homes, etcetera. We find you, dear God in everything. 

That's what these people do. They try to find the stuff they are looking for. It's just like those astrophysicist. They hypothesized the universe and it's different aspects and try to prove it. 

But they haven't even gone there, yet they come up with number of theories. Like the black hole is entrance to another dimension and so on. 

True. They will some day reach there but right now they will contend with theories which are highly plausible. Likewise, you too can hypothesize about me. 

Someday will we be able to know or see you? 

You can see me right now if you wish to. Find one knower of truth or a sage and let him show you the truth. He is like one of those great astrophysicist.  He knows me well. 

Where do we find such great people? Do they exist? I would surely like to meet one. 

Remember the adage- if you truly desire something and put your heart and soul in it, you will surely find it. So try hard my son! 


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