Weird Question

7:33:00 PMKrishna Rao

God, I have a weird question about people who cannot repay karma! 

You may ask but you should know that it would be tough to hear the answer. 

Of course, you are all knowing! Let me ask anyway. 

I expect you to be a little crude in your approach. Shoot! 

Here is an example. Explain to me how karma is equalized here. 

Sure, but you will have to be given a live example to understand it. So be ready. 

I am ready to know that. There was a girl who is raped and killed by her rapists, so how does she get repaid by karma? 

Let's start with her own family. The parents of that girl would want the rapist hanged or incarcerated. Some may even forgive the rapist-murderers. 

In many cases, the family relents and retracts the case or somehow are prevailed upon to forgive and forget the perpetrators crimes. 

That still doesn't equalize the situation for the rapists. Right? 

Yes! They have still committed the crime and need to be punished. Why should the parents forgive them? They are not the directly affected. It's that poor girl who has suffered the most. 

Right! But the girl is dead so karma cannot equalize in that particular lifetime. So the laws of karma work differently here. 

Is there a carry forward action then? 

Sure, there is! The perpetrator would be born again and would have to go through exact same type of situation and similar incidents would occur. 

Does that mean, the perpetrators will be born as women in next life and would suffer same fate at the hands of this girl who would be a man? 

You can take it that way. Somehow the universe will work it out so that the roles gets reversed. Then alone can karma get repaid eye for an eye. 

But how would the perpetrator know that this is a repayment for what they have done in some previous life? 

That memory doesn't exist but the fear and pain the earlier victim went through has to be experienced by them. Then alone can it be said the karma has been repaid back full. Right? 

Yes, they need to feel the pain, torture and misery in full for what they had done earlier. 

Now comes the tough part to know. There are lots of people raped a million times by the terror groups or armies in war and during occupation of territories. Who do you think they are? 

But we hear about it and feel terrible for them. Why should these poor people suffer so much? 

Now isn't that when you people talk bad about me, blaming me for the wrongdoings. Think about the ones who undergo such terrible things, wouldn't you want proper justice to be given to them? 

Yes, I would very much want the perpetrators to get what they deserve. Full repayment and more. They have done dastardly acts which cannot be forgiven. 

Now you know why the rule of forgiveness doesn't apply here? The victim should get full repayment for what they have gone through. 

I have no answers for that, God! I know now that your laws are perfect in their place and we are no one to judge. 


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