Brother-Sister Team

5:48:00 AMKrishna Rao

Hey, do you remember the Brother-Sister team who used to work with us?

Of course, I remember them! They were the smartest kids on the team.

Yeah, they brought in lots of sales and were always on top of the charts.

That's right. Well, the other day bumped in to our old pal, Chikna. It seems he met the Brother in the Cancer Hospital. He had gone there to the hospital morgue to claim the body of his Sister.

Oh my God! Why, what happened to the Sister? How did she die?

I believe she died of cancer. 

But that's impossible! She was such a vibrant and dynamic character. How could she just die like that?

“Well, I too was shocked. I believe she has been under-goingtreatment for the last two years. 

Oh, wow! I mean, how could that be?

Yes, we saw her full of verve and enthusiasm – always running all over the place - but I believe she was undergoing treatment for some sort of a cancer.

That's impossible to believe. I can't think straight now. So tell me what Chikna said.

Oh, he said that he too followed the brother to the morgue to take charge of the body. I believe they had embalmed it or something.

But why would they do such a thing?

That's because she had lost all her body mass in the chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She had become only 40kg in weight.

What are you saying? That's horrible! 

Chikna said that he too couldn't believe that. 

But why would God do something like that? I don't understand.

Chikna was shocked and he too said the same thing. 

Then what happened? The Brother must have cried his heart out.

No, not at all. He was busy trying to console our friend. He said it was wonderful, what had happened with her.”

But how could it be wonderful? It's downright ugly. I wouldn’t be able to bear it myself.

Oh, the Brother said that she had been undergoing treatment for a long timeHe said that it's really kind that God had givenher few more years. That's why he was all praises for God.

I really don't understand all that. Tell me how can it be good,when something bad has happened?

I believe the Brother said that despite being told long ago that it might be difficult to survive, she was daring and lived her last days fully.

Ah, what a gutsy girl.

The Brother said that he is ever thankful to God for letting her do what she wanted. She was running right up to the last month. She climbed mountains, explored incredible places and did things which we cannot even think off. I guess that's why her brother was happy.

“That’s true, dude. Man should strive to be good till his last breath - live life every single day as if it's the last day of your life.

Oh, yes of course. I am proud of her. She left behind a wonderful legacy. We too should be good to our own selves. Then God will work with us too.



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