Same Mistake Again

10:56:00 PMKrishna Rao

Why does man commit the same mistake again and again? God! Why doesn't he learn? 

You tell me! Isn't it the same question you ask me every now and then? 

I ask because I want to understand the reason for the repetition? 

Ah! Here we go again. Sure, I will repeat myself again for your benefit. 

Listen, God, if I wasn't concerned, I wouldn't ask you about it. 

Now tell me the situation and then I can give you my explanation about it. 

See here, God. My friend who is not earning much falls for these girls who take him to the cleaners every time. 

You are talking about your pal from the IT company. I think he is earning quite well. 

But the money is not enough. The type of girls he meets are more into clubs, night outs, drinks, etc.. He goes with them and finally they want the heavens and he comes out of it hurt. 

But isn't that expected? When he changed jobs, didn't you sit him down and explain the pitfalls there? 

Yes! I told him the bigger the company, the greater the destruction. These people have no morals. They have weekend parties and get completely sloshed and indulge in everything wrong under the sun. 

Money makes them do that. You should know that. The more one earns the less they have. They get into debts very soon and then it is downhill road. 

That's what I told him but he doesn't learn. What am I to do, God? You gotta help me get this jerk out of the situation. 

Let's get the girl pregnant or let him get HIV! What would you say? 

Don't joke with me, God! I am talking somethings very seriously and you are either joking or sarcastic. 

I am not. Unless and until, my nature doesn't give a severe jolt, man never learns! 

But you are kind and compassionate so tell me something that will help him get over the situation without hurting himself. 

Well, should we let him loose his job? Or should we get him married very soon? 

Is that an answer? You are further pushing him into a ditch. 

So you have an answer? Then tell me and let me see if it works out. 

I think he should focus more on his job and career. What with marriages going sour nowadays, he shouldn't fall into that trap. It's better if he is sent abroad on an assignment or further education. 

Ah, that will make him overqualified for the job. What makes you think he is not going to graduate to drugs and other such stuff if he goes somewhere else? 

I never thought about it. So what is the right answer God? 

The right answer is simple- he has to face his destiny come what may. There is no way in which he can avert destiny. 

So there is no help. Then what is the use of asking you if destiny is going to do its work? 

Not that way. Man learns from mistakes and doesn't repeat himself if he puts in hard efforts. He has to persevere and sincerely work towards his own weal and progress. You can only give him moral support and good advice. It's within him to accept it or not. 

But isn't that what I am doing now? I showed him what could happen but he is infatuated by the situation and doesn't listen. 

Keep on trying and be a good friend to him. Misuse of sudden freedom from poverty, societal restrictions, serious responsibilities makes one loose their balance. Help him get his bearings right. 

I will surely try hard and won't give up on him. 

It's easy to fall but difficult to rise, especially in your own eyes. So let him not fall otherwise you would not only have lost a good friend but a beautiful human being. 


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