No Time

12:59:00 AMKrishna Rao

Oh God, I am so tired. I really have no time to do anything. 

You are a very busy young woman! 

I wish I had four hands and more hours in a day. Then I would finish a lot of tasks. 

You are still having that, don't you think so? 

Don't start me on planning my work schedules. It's not about schedules but about how much I am inundated with work. 

What are you right now in your organization? 

You mean my designation? I am country head for sales in Asia. 

Oh, that's a great designation. Do you travel a lot or are you only confined to your office? 

I travel about ten days in a month. Then I have to look after so many things here too. Meetings, conferences, calls, reports, presentations, demos and whatnot. 

Oh wow! You work too hard. You should take a break. Go on a holiday. 

You know God, I haven't taken any leave last two years. I am up to my neck in work. I can't dream of taking an off. 

What would happen if you were to fall sick? Wouldn't you be forced to take leave. 

That's not the problem. I will log in from home and still work. 

Truly, you are the epitome of hard work, I say! You should be given an award. What would you like? 

Give me more time God. That's all I ask for. 

That's easy. Here, let me give you an entire year worth 365 days free to you. 

How is that going to happen? You will have to really change it for everyone then. Tell me how you will do it. 

Sure. What time do you get up every morning? 

7 am mostly. Sometimes during the weekend I sleep in late. 

Then let us say you get up one hour early. Everyday you get up at 6 am. Then you would have added one hour per day. 

Yes. But why would I do that? I need my sleep. Don't you want me to be fresh to work? I can't get up that early. 

Do listen to me first. If you give yourself one hour per day by getting up early by one hour, you would have added 365 hours in one year. 

Ok, so what are you trying to get at? 

That means you have more than 15 days in a year added to your kitty. Now imagine you doing that for the next ten or twelve years. 

What difference would that make? I can't see myself making any changes in my schedules! 

Don't be so skeptical.  Add fifteen days per year and by the end of twenty four years, you would have an additional one year. 

Ah. That's not good. What use is it if I would retire before that? 

You could give yourself two hours per day and by the end of twelve years you would have added one whole year to your life. 

What use is it? I will have to work that extra hours, don't you think so? 

Not at all. Let's say you take fifteen days in a year off and adding another fifteen days you could go to Switzerland for one whole month! Won't that be wonderful? 

I see your point. I could work for two hours per day extra and have some time in hand too. 

You got it, my dear. The two hours per day would lessen your pressure and you will be able to do much more than needed. 

I think I would love to take an extended vacation or maybe just chill out at home with Netflix. 

Do whatever you got to now that I have given you an extra one year for every twelve years of your life. 

That's taking my own money and saying I gave you discount. You are very smart God! 

That's right. Hope you will take some pilgrimages too. After all I gave you extra time. Didn't I? 


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