How We Blame Others?

10:08:00 PMKrishna Rao

Today we are going to discus how we blame others for all our problems. Is there anyone in this world who doesn't blame someone else for whatever trouble they are in? We all need scapegoats in our life so that we can put the blame on someone else. 
I was watching a person who has a great following on all social media and he blamed everyone including his mother who burned him to his stepdad to the psychiatric hospital for his problems. But now he is grown-up and famous and has a great following on the Internet. 
Husbands blame wives and wives blame husbands for all the trouble in their married life. Otherwise, children blame their parents and their upbringing for what they are now. Employees blame their bosses and bosses blame their down lines for bad performances. Opposition parties blame the ruling parties and vice verse. The economy is in doldrums and the government blames the downturn and markets. Everyone has everyone else to blame. But not themselves! 
Do you believe you are not to be blamed? Of course, you cannot be blamed for the performance or action, rape or disasters, bad behavior or murders, sedition or market crashes. You are not responsible for anything at all. You vehemently deny knowledge or being the cause of the problem. But let me tell you how you are the one responsible for whatever that has happened. 
Your parents have beaten the crap out of you because you did the same to them in your previous life. Your boss blamed you for nonperformance since you did it to him some earlier life of yours. It's called the Law Of Karma. What you sow is what you reap. Got that? You may refute it or deny it altogether. So what is your theory then? 
You believe there is this one only life and you will pay for all the sins committed therein? Think about this delusion! Why would some devil somewhere torture you or put you through chambers of torture, when he has got the most likeliest candidate for his dangerous missions? Imagine the devil to be the Don and you are the biggest sinner on earth, so why would he punish you? He would welcome you with open arms and give you superior position, right? 
That brings us to the next question. Then how would you repay for all the stuff you had done here on earth? If you raped and killed a girl, isn't it logical that you should get the highest deserving or appropriate punishment? You better be in those girls shoes in some other life, then alone can the repayment happen. Now don't talk of forgiveness at all. If I were the parent of that girl or the girl herself, I wouldn't forgive you any which way. 
So now tell me why do you blame someone else for your childhood disasters? Why blame your boss or anyone else for your problems? Why create that character whom you could squarely crucify for all your issues? 
Stop blaming others and live through your karma. Experience the karma or destiny and try not to get into further pickles. Your motivation should only focus on getting out of this constant cycle of karmik lives. How would you achieve that, you ask? 
That's where spiritual enlightenment comes into the picture. Knowledge about the techniques of avoiding karma and destroying it should be learnt. The only one who can teach you would be your spiritual Master. He knows the techniques and can grant you that exclusive knowledge. So go to him and start your crash course in spiritual enlightenment and freedom from cycle of karma. Hurry, he may close his admissions! 


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