Faith In Me

8:26:00 PMKrishna Rao

Hey man, why can you not faith in me? 

Dear God! I do trust you and have faith in you. But most of the times you fail me, so how can I have faith in you? 

Ah! What are you doing right now? Having breakfast, I guess. Now tell me do you have faith in those things that you are eating and drinking? 

I believe I have faith in what I am eating now. These are eggs, bread, butter, bacon, tea or coffee. All foods are healthy. Why do you ask? 

The eggs are artificial since they are hatched by hormonal feeds. The bacon is imported and you trust the label??? Your bread is pure gluten. The grains are genetically modified. The tea is not tea but stalks of tea mixed with left over leaves in your tea bags. Your coffee is usually mixed with other ingredients. The milk is not pure and real. So why are you having faith in these things? 

Oh! I only care for organically grown stuff. I don't eat the other stuff you spoke about. 

That's the point. You are so suspicious that you won't trust anything or anyone. 

Which is a fact. I don't really trust anyone just on the face of it. 

Which means you won't trust your man also. He may be having affairs outside too. What about your boy? He may be doing drugs too. 

What are you saying? You mean my little Kevin is a drug addict? OMG. Karl is having an affair? 

Oh! I just gave some examples. But did you see how you lost your faith in an instant? 

Don't joke with me about such things. I do trust Karl and Kevin is just a child. 

That's my point. You cannot trust anything or anybody in this world. 

No. I have faith in my country and most of the things around me. 

Tomorrow your President comes up with a diktat that all foreigners who have naturalized before coming in as refugees have to forsake their citizenship, then what happens? 

Why would he do that? I am a citizen of this country and I love my homeland. 

But I believe you came from Africa as a refugee. So whom are your loyalties with? You cannot be trusted. You change your loyalties. 

No way. I am a trustworthy person. You cannot talk like that. 

You took vows about being wedded forever but I think this is your second husband. 

Don't rub it in. Yes, what am I to do if everyone and everything is fake in this world of yours! You made it and now you ask me where do I have faith? 

That's what I want you to understand. This whole world, including your relationships and things are unreal. You cannot trust anyone or anything at all. 

Then what can be trusted, dear God? You? You never give me anything that I ask for. You never gave me happiness, peace or even true love. 

That's because you seek all these things outside. You think you will get them from someone else. No way. No man can give you that. Only I can. 

But how? Till today you haven't given me that. 

Now go seek happiness, peace and love within your own self. See the God within and know me that way. I live in you. 

But how to do that? I cannot understand your words. Make them simple for me. 

Have faith in that God within. You are capable of anything so why not empower the God within to achieve that? 

But I think I am capable. Then what are you talking about? I do empower myself. 

The 'I' that you speak about is your ego not the Self. Ego will always fail. The Self won't. Say the God within me can do anything at all. 

How are the Self and me separate? Can you tell me that? 

Consider your body as the servant of the God within and then see. Your body is only serving that God within called the Self, then you have to serve perfectly. Make this body the best tool and serve the purpose of that God within. 

Now I get it. You are telling me that I need to have faith in that God within and be a faithful servant with this body then I will be happy, peaceful and find love. That's deep! 

So whom were you talking to all this time? To me, you knucklehead. I am that God within you and not some imaginary God of this world. So move your butt. 

Ha ha! You know it's your butt too. Everything is on line. So let's both move. Move it, move it, move it! Now I get it. 


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