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6:58:00 PMKrishna Rao

God, I am really trying very hard to make him happy but I am failing.

Maybe you should try harder then.

But I do everything for him and yet he feels I am not doing anything at all.

Why are you trying to do everything for him? Is it necessary?

Yes, it is. He is my husband, you know.

So, why is it important to be his slave?

But that’s the way I will gain his love and respect. Otherwise, is there any other method to get there?

Surely, there are other methods. But I am asking you something else. Why is it important to make him happy?

Marriage is all about living in harmony and happiness. So I have to make him happy. He has to feel that I am worthy of him.

That’s the point. Are you not becoming unhappy by trying to make him happy?

Isn’t happiness all about giving? You have taught us this in every holy text, dear God!

Yes, of course! Happiness is all about giving. But haven’t you also heard, it all has to start at home. Which means, YOU! You have to be happy first.

That would be called as being selfish. Why should I do things for myself first?

When you are happy the whole world around you will be happy. Don’t you think so? Happiness should never be at the cost of someone else’s unhappiness.

What does that mean, dear God?

Imagine all the happy people wearing all beautiful clothes, which are stitched by deprived refugees or small children in some third world countries!

OMG, that’s terrible. I would hate to wear that. Also, I don’t like the fur and other garments which are made by torturing animals. How inhumane!

That’s exactly how you behave. You torture yourself so that others can be happy. It all comes at a cost.

What cost? Do you mean to say it has certain repercussions on me?

On you and even your children. They start believing that whatever their mother has done should be replicated by them too.

But I want my kids to be happy and not become like me.

So once they emulate their parent, they are bound to sacrifice their own happiness to make someone else happy.

You are right. We should set an example of self effort and not sacrificial efforts!

Yes. Teach them to empower themselves and not become a doormat to others in life. So everything starts with you.

I will put in self efforts and not make someone else treat me like a servant. I should build my self esteem too. Thank you, God.
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  1. Yes, we should empower ourselves, so that we need not make others happy for the sake of living.


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