Important To Know God

6:26:00 AMKrishna Rao

Important To Know God

Why is it important to know you, dear God? Is it necessary?

No, it ain’t necessary for you or anyone to know me.

Then why are we told to follow some religion or some kind of rituals or ceremonies?

It’s not needed to follow anything at all. Absolutely not necessary.

Then why do people shove this stuff down the throats of simple human beings?

Maybe they have their own reasons! How am I to know that?

Then who will know? You are supposed to be all knowing!

Surely, I am. But you don’t need me so I excused myself from that knowledge.

But why would you do something like that?

Let me explain. Can a common man answer your tax laws to you? Or would it be your accountant and lawyers?

Those experts, of course! But where are they concerned here in my question?

It’s just an example. The knowledge is available only with the right people. Now tell me, why should you know that stuff about tax laws?

I should know it because I want to be an ideal citizen of this country.

Exactly the point. When you live in a particular place, you should know the laws governing that place. You should be a law abiding citizen also. So you should ask me the relevant question and which I will then answer.

Which is a fact. I get it. So if I am here now, I should know a little about you. Am I right?

Correct. You live in my world so it is better to know about me and my universal laws to survive properly.

But it is not necessary to know you.

True. It’s not necessary to know me. But the fact is, you know you should know that you are born through a womb and there is some father and mother also. But it’s not necessary to know them.

Ah, but I should have the knowledge and understanding that there are some parents somewhere.

Likewise, you should have some knowledge and understanding about me. Not know me completely.

Ok, I concede the point to you. But is it important to believe in you?

Again, it’s not important to believe in me. I don’t have any grudges against you. You may believe whatever you want to but still that won’t change anything at all.

I didn’t get that. What do you mean?

I mean, it’s not important to know or believe in the President of this great country, but still you are under his rule.

Which is a fact of life. I may not know or believe in my country’s President, yet he is ruling my country. So I still come under his rule.

So know that, even if you don’t know me or believe in me, yet you are following my set rules and conditions. My universal laws works everywhere, even without your knowledge.

Your fundamental laws are there and we all have to abide by them. Still, why do I need to have your image in my altar?

Without the national emblem, your currency notes or coins will be invalid. The image represents me, just as it represents authority on currency notes.

But no one has seen you, so what image can we draw?

Not necessary for any particular image. But you can have a representative image for your benefit alone. So as to focus.

Ah, then you can be represented by anything at all. Maybe even a dog or monkey?

Surely, you can do that. But would you trust or believe in a dog or a monkey? Not at all.

Now I understand. We represent you in the best image possible, acceptable by everyone so that we can pray to you.

Good. Now start believing and having complete faith in me. Then we can get along fine.

Image Credit: Pixabay


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