Cringe Pop Music

3:16:00 AMKrishna Rao

Cringe Pop Music

Oh God, why did you have to invent Cringe Pop music?

I haven’t invented it. There are very great stalwarts on earth to do that.

Have you listened to that guy Taher Shah or Dhinchak Pooja?

No. I don’t have time to listen to all that. I am busy with my YouTube channel.

Omg. You too are having your YouTube channel? What are you going to record there? Heavenly music?

Don’t be silly. No one wants to listen to my heavenly music. I do have some great people who create music.

You mean the Gandharvas(celestial musicians)and Apsaras(Celestial Dancers). They are really very hot.

No. No. They aren’t trained in that. I have other rappers, jazz players, classical and other types with me.

I hope you aren’t thinking of coming up with snotty, shitty type of music like pen, pineapple… types.

No. No. I have decided to talk to the Death God and others who control the nether worlds to help me create creepy crawly music.

Why would you do that? These great cringe music people are already filling up the nether worlds along with their admirers.

Oh, now I understand why the Devil was asking for a vacation. He hopes these folks will go away.

So what is your music going to be like? Can you tell me your genre?

How about Diabetically Sweet? What about De Wine music? Or AFM?

What are you saying? That’s blasphemy! AFM?

I mean Awesome Fuchsia Music. It will be fusion, chanting, songs, colorful music.

You don’t mean the F word that way. I could only think like that. I am sorry.

There it is. See I could catch you only by one single word. AF of your world is not the word from my world. Misinterpreting my words every time man has fallen down.

So then how are you going to tell the world about your music?

Simply by eliminating American urban slang and instead using the right words. But with a twist.

How’s that going to happen?

Don’t they say OMG, Jesus in a derogatory manner? They use my divine words and twist it out of shape. So I am going to use their slang and make it sound great.

I still don’t get it. Give me some examples.

Sure. Here are some starting from the older ones. LOL will be Lord of love or Love o Lord. Swag would be Still wanting Almighty God. Of course, I will avoid words like F, D, C, P and others which may be offensive.

That’s true. Kids will hear it and feel offended. Ha ha. They will reject you my Lord.

Don’t worry. I am giving them words like Artificial Reality in Simulated Environment, Digital Information in Computing Kernel…. and so on.

Then what will happen?

Don’t you see? When you type the acronyms it will take them to my site and videos. SEO magic! Got it! Don’t tell me you are that dumb.

Image Credit: Pixabay


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