Give Me Successes

9:11:00 PMKrishna Rao

Give Me Successes


God, you are responsible for giving me successes in my endeavors.

Oh! Why am I responsible for your issues?

Aren’t you called the Father and Mother? You are supposed to take care of us.

You are absolutely right in saying that. I am your Father and Mother. But I am supposed to only look after you till you are capable of handling yourself. Once you grow up, you are on your own.

You mean to say, after that you won’t look after me?

Tell me something. If the son goes and robs the bank, then would you consider the parents responsible?

What do you mean? Surely they are the parents, right? Aren’t they responsible?

Did the parents ever tell their son to rob a bank or did they even teach him to do anything wrong?

No. No parent teaches their child to do anything wrong or bad.

The parents have taken pains to bring the child up. He was given the best of things, education and so on. They provided him with every facility.

That’s true. But then why did he rob the bank? Maybe, it is his destiny!

Maybe it is his destiny. But why would you still think his parents are responsible for his actions and results? After all he deserved to go to prison.

You are right. But God, aren’t you supposed to help us out in troubles? It is said even a leaf will not move without your permission.

As a parent I provide for almost everything through your worldly parents. Once you grow up, it is expected of you to do your duties to everyone. You owe your duties to parents, yourself, family, society, country, world and me!

So that means you aren’t going to help me in any way. What is the use of calling for help then?

Now know that you have been given great education, profession, family, etc.. and made fully functional and capable of handling everything in this world. So it is your sovereign duty to perform in the best possible manner.

Surely, you have given me a healthy body, mind, intellect and so on. But I am not asking for that. I am asking for a little help, that’s all!

Surely my universe will help you and work with you. But you have to first prove yourself. Don’t show your weakness. You have my DNA in you so show the world what you have got.

I am not a cry baby. Just do some magic in my world so that I can get what I want. That’s it. Nothing more.

I understand that. Why don’t you put your first foot forward and then see how my magic works? Every day is a new day. Every day is war. Every day is a struggle. And some days are meant for rest, victory, fame, fortune and ultimately death. Keep marching.

Ok. Ok. I give up. I will do what I can. But before I go can I touch you?

Sure. You are my son.

Ok. I want to touch you for a few thousand dollars if you can give me now. You promised, so you better keep it.

Image Credit: Pixabay


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