Disown God

5:07:00 AMKrishna Rao

Disown God


You know God, more than 50% people in this world are out to disown and bash you up!

Yes dude! I know that.

Aren’t you perturbed or angry about it?

Why should I be? I have made this world and I enjoy it.

Even though there are billions out there willing to disown you if they ever catch you!

It doesn’t make a difference to me. There are trolls everywhere and we should not bother our head about it.

What do you intend to do about them?

Nothing! They will die their own quiet death. Don’t you have half of your nation against one person?

Yes. Yes. But no one likes him. Everything about him is wrong. We are not trolling him but stating facts.

That’s your point of view. Half of the nation is criticizing him. The other half are willing to stake their life for him.

That’s true. But why can’t everyone oppose him? It’s so unfair.

You are opposing him because you have a collective support and you live in a democracy. Do you think you could do it in other nations?

I guess not. Aren’t there people who stand up against in those countries too?

But they get killed or put behind bars or they lose everything in life.

Surely, there are people like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others who do change the entire nation.

That’s because I make it happen. Everything in this world happens by my design alone. Even the current ones and the trolls too.

If you do that then you are the biggest troll of all times. Why do you love to see this world go in a tizzy?

Changes, my dear sir! This world has to undergo major changes in its progress.

But isn’t it masochistic of you? Why would you torment your own people and put them through pain?

You mentioned Gandhi, Mandela and others. If they didn’t do what they were supposed to do then do you think you would be speaking like this to me now?

True. The God of old times would have consigned me to the deepest darkest hells. You are more tolerant now.

I am still the same. But my trolls love doing what they do. Sometimes they project me as benevolent and compassionate God and at other times as a tyrant! It’s alright.

Ha ha. You are joking about it. You know how bad you are! Urban slang, “bad”meaning you are good.

I know. I invented it. Just like marijuana! It was bad earlier and now it is good! Ha ha!

You really love to play your little game, don’t you?

True. Sometimes I become the hero and sometimes the villain in your life. Go and play now.

God, can you make gun licensing very easy for us? I would love to play with guns.

Wow! This is what a little leeway does to you. Go get yourself a toy gun!

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