Plastic Usage

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Plastic Usage


Why is man pushing this world towards doom with so much plastic usage?

Now where did you see that happen?

Oh God! I saw this video on my Facebook page which talked about the carbon footprint et al!

They are all trying to warn you not to do things in excess.

He talked about how much waste we collect in our entire lives.

Yes. I know he was talking about wrappers, packaging material and all that.

Yes. The video showed that the companies which create the mess are telling the consumers to pick up the trash and bin it.

What difference will that make?

The companies shifted the onus of pollution on consumers whereas they themselves increase consumption by packaging goods and tell you to clean up. Instead they should themselves reduce the amount of packaging material used.

Which is true. USA alone accounts for four times this worlds consumption and creation of garbage.

How can we reduce this madness?

Consume less and eat healthy. Why do you need to import so much? You can start giving locals the chance to produce good stuff.

But those are state policies. How can we interfere in it?

You don’t have to consume things which are imported. You can become self sufficient and be very conscious of what you consume.

You are right. We import literally every little thing from abroad. It all comes with its own packaging and all that.

You import trash also and create your own too. You need to be very practical. Just in the last seven months alone USA has run a trade deficit of $204 billion with China alone.

How can we tackle it now the way it is burgeoning day by day?

Start consuming less and less. Cut down imports and give local industry the boost it needs.

It won’t happen overnight, right God?

It can. It only requires political will. You have to put your foot down and say NO!

But then will it help the cause? I am sure if we become responsible citizens we will be able to save the world.

True. True. With all your good intentions you will save the world.

You are being sarcastic now. Why is that smirk on your lips?

I was thinking of playing a little golf with some meteors and earth. Tunguska was my last hole in one! Spring cleaning, you see!

You have such a mean nature…

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